Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Phil’s Tavern on Butler Pike in Blue Bell, PA.

At the end of a long Friday I found myself north of Blue Bell, PA so I set my GPS for The Phil’s Tavern. Lots of glorious meat surrounded by Kaka. The bartender spent most of her time tending to her needy boyfriend and his four friends. There was a lot of very very good meat. It was chopped and had some flavor. The roll did an admirable job. The extras were not mixed in. The cheese was non existent until I saw some (unmelted) at the end of the roll. It looked like the cheese was put on top of the meat while the meat was on the grill and they everything was scooped into the roll. The tomatoes were weak. $13.85 seemed a touch high. Overall big place, their own parking lot, several dining rooms, big bar area with TV’s and several best of Montco’s. It appears that it could normally be a good visit. The meat and roll are contenders, everything else I would consider reworking.