Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Pizza Shack on the corner of 15th and Porter in Philadelphia, PA

I like the $8.50. I like the place, nice and clean. I like the people, very friendly and welcoming. I like the ingredients. Standard pizza shop cheese steak roll, a touch bready. The meat was good a little thicker slice but I think he was overpowered by the extras. The extras are good, nice big pieces. I got the Steak Royale. It came with mushroom, green peppers, fried onions and marinara. The mushrooms, green peppers and fried onions were bigger pieces like you find on a pizza. They were good but I think they were better suited for a pizza. The pizzas did look delicious. Everyone that came in while I was waiting got a pizza. Good overall experience but Pizza might be the way to go.