Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at The Ugly Oyster in Reading, PA, yes Reading, PA.

Holy Mackerel if I knew I could have this much fun with my clothes on, I would have been in Reading, PA a long time ago. 1st off, the ugly oyster in Reading, PA, makes no sense at all. I went to the ugly oyster because I heard they had a fantastic house-made sauce for their cheesesteaks. I will go back to reading because the Ugly Oyster has a fantastic house made sauce for their cheesesteaks AND for $0.75 they will put peanuts on your cheesesteak. This is the one time you have to go to one of my other sites and see the whole video. You think ugly oyster, Reading, house-made sauce, peanuts on cheesesteaks is crazy, wait until you see the urinal in the video. I wish I remembered the bartenders name because she was awesome and the woman at the bar was very nice to tolerate me. Superfragilisticexpialidocious experience at the ugly oyster!!