Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Tony Joe’s House of Great Eats on Ridge Rd in Bucktown, PA

Tony Joe’s House of Great Eats, Bucktown, PA. I love this place. Very cool old building. Funky hip-hop vibe (you know that is my scene). I think the weak link in this very good chain was the meat. Alex, our harshest meat critic, liked the meat. There was a very good amount of meat, 12oz +, but I thought it was a little chewy. This was a fun place and a very good overall experience. I would normally complain about the $13.50 price tag but it was a fun place, big sandwich and it did come with a lot of good french fries. We cover the cheesesteak in detail in a long video so I’m going to let you go. If you make it to the end of the video there’s bonus footage.