Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Walt’s Pizza & Grille, 329 E Baltimore Ave, Clifton Heights, NJ.

Keeping with tradition I got the Walt’s 1939 cheesesteak. It came with wiz, bell peppers and fried onions. I am not a wiz guy and I prefer roasted or sweet peppers to bell peppers. The wiz was on the roll. I liked it there much better than poured/squeezed/ladled on top. The bell peppers didn’t take away from the cheesesteak. Nice roll. Maybe Conshohocken bakery. I did ask but they have different roll suppliers and the phones started to ring so I did not want to take up any more of the counter person’s time. She was a wonderful and helpful person. Call me so we can talk Cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.