Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Wander Inn on 3rd St. in South Philly.

I was really looking forward to Wander Inn. They post a lot of great stuff online. I don’t know what happened but the Cheesesteak just didn’t work for us. The Cheesesteak came with house cut fries and house made dipping sauce, which was amazing. We got the house made beer cheese whiz on the cheesesteak, the Wiz was amazing. Specialty roll from a small bakery in North Philly but didn’t hold together. We missed the Saturday food/drink specials but got to hear about every weekday food/drink special. You’ll hear in the video they had a nice crowd of regulars having a good ol time. In the video, Carole and I are occasionally audible. Wander Inn, I like the individual pieces, including Carole. We’ll just chalk it up to a bad day for the cheesesteak.