Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Water’s Edge Gastropub and Lounge, 1067 totem Rd, Bensalem, PA.

My next ‘best of’ list will have a new category. Best ‘when you have to tell your guy you slept with his brother’ cheesesteak. At the Water’s Edge your guy will be on sensory overload and you will be able to break any bad news to him. Cheesesteak Wrap with French Fries. Yes it is a cheesesteak wrap and I took a point or two off for that. The meat, Ribeye, and cheese work so well together that they could be served on anything and be a top cheesesteak. This Cheesesteak puts the cheese in cheesesteak. Great amount and melt of the cheese. The Carmelized onions do their part. Just for a little flavor and some fat, bacon. I highly recommend watching the full video. This place is amazing.

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