Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Wilke’s Pizza on Riverside Rd in Spring City, PA

Wilke’s Pizza, Spring City PA. Tuesday night 12-inch Cheesesteak $6.95, you know I love that!! When in Spring City, do what the Spring Cityites do, I got the Cheesesteak Zep. Zep is what the locals call a hoagie. You say yep, I say hoagie. I could not envision making a cheese steak taste like a hoagie but son of a gun my cheese steak tasted like a hoagie. Raw onions, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and recommended by the (his word, fat) guy behind the counter, light mayonnaise. At $8 I could easily love my Cheesesteak Zep. In the real world I may never get one again. Hoagie vs Cheesesteak, not a knock on Wilke‚Äôs. The roll was amazing, corropolese. My Cheesesteak tasted very good as a hoagie. I would have liked more meat. Free fountain soda!!!!!!