Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Wrap Shack on 11th St in Philadelphia, PA.

The worst name of a bar in the history of naming things. I may be old, narrow-minded and afraid of new things but when I heard Wrap Shack I envisioned a salad version of Chipotle. I was so happy to find out that Wrap Shack is a bar. A bar with a very good cheesesteak. A bar with an even better Philly jalapeno cheesesteak. A Bar with an awesome staff. I ordered and paid for the regular Cheesesteak so that’s the only one I can really review. It was darn good. I did have two concerns, 1. it needed more cheese and it needed to be melted through the meat better. 2 the meat was a bit dry. If I was to review the Philly Jalapeno I would say, it answered my two concerns with the original cheesesteak and I clearly see why they sell five times more Philly jalapenos than the regular cheesesteak. Overall and Cheesesteak great experiences.