Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Zandy’s, a cheesesteak historic landmark in Allentown, PA

Family owned since 1940. Do yourself a favor and go to Sandy’s. The pictures on the walls are worth the trip. Mike Schmidt, Chuck Bednarik & Dom DeLuise to name a few. Oh, by the way, you also get a very good Cheesesteak for under $7. I would repeat that line but I used that line in yesterday’s post. It’s a small cheese steak but it is $7. It’s on the Pennsylvania Dutch soft roll. This was the second stop on my day with @mikeyyyeatz in the Lehigh Valley. He got everything on his cheesesteak including the hot peppers. I got everything minus the hot peppers. This is a place you put on your Cheesesteak bucket list and one day when you’re up bouncing around the Lehigh Valley you stop in and step back in time.