Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Zoagie’s Unbelievable Deep Fried Hoagies, Virginia Ave & Willis St, Penns Grove, NJ.

At approximately 12:10 p.m. on May 26th I almost gave up on food trucks. I am so freaking happy I did not. This was an amazing zheesesteak. Deep-fried roll. Not hard crusty deep fried, good deep fried. Very good amount of nicely chopped good meat. A lot of meat needs a lot of cheese and this zheesesteak had a lot of cheese. The best part about the cheese is that it was melted on everything that was in this Zheesesteak. It came with fried onions and green peppers and they did not get lost in all of the wonderfulness. Just like all great teams everyone has to contribute and everyone contributed to this zheesesteak. It was $15 and this will be one of the few times I do not complain about $15. Very good zheesesteak. Call The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let’s talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.